“Everything I expected and MORE… an absolute ‘must watch’ for any entertainer looking to elevate their promotional graphics! The information shared will help you generate more interest, book more shows, look more amazing in the eyes of your clients… and put more money in your wallet as well!”
– David Johnson, Magician
Petawawa, Ontario, Canada
“Good, practical, insider info. If you are working in the trenches, these are ideas you can put to use IMMEDIATELY.”
– Markus Clegg, Magician
Urbana, Illinois, USA
“So much PRACTICAL and VALUABLE information – not just theory, but actual STEPS – that you can implement RIGHT NOW, to increase your revenue.”
– Nick Madsen, Magician / Mentalist
Copenhagen, Denmark
“I book shows for a living. I KNOW that most entertainers make lots of the mistakes you tackle here… It’s a lot of information, and it’s extremely valuable. Great job.”
– Peter Kaufman, Booking Agent
Richmond, Virginia, USA
“When I got to the video, I was thinking, ‘No way I’m gonna sit here and watch a 60 minute video, but I’ll watch the first few minutes.’ So I started watching, and the content was so good, I watched the whole thing.  This is really great info; something modern and applicable to someone who is out and performing today.  Do yourself a favor and watch it.”
– Tim Friday, Magician
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
– Brett Shaw, Magician
Carthage, Missouri, USA
“An amazing concept… Incredible! Not only more compliments from clubs and clients, but greater effectiveness attracting audiences!”
– Jack Willhite, Comedian / Singer / Songwriter
“The Jack Willhite Rock & Roll Comedy Show”
“Very informative, with real-world practical advice. Great ideas and insights that can ONLY come from someone with YEARS of experience in the trenches. Nathan KNOWS what he is talking about.”
– Brian Penny, Magician
Portage, Michigan, USA
“This is a guy who has to make everything count double, or he doesn’t eat, so nothing in this video is fluff. Check out Nathan’s video and see the results he gets. Good explanations for why he does it they way he does… A different perspective, and quite possibly some ideas you’ve never even considered before.”
– Magician Who Preferred To Remain Anonymous
In a Desert Somewhere In The American Southwest 🙂

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