email-no-spam-graphic-design-for-gig-postersI hate constant junk-email just as much as you do.  Maybe even more.  Hell, I give my computer screen “the finger” on a daily basis.

This is why I promise to adhere to this self-imposed email policy in my communications with you:

* * * * *

(1.)  I Will Always Keep a Secret

Your contact info will never be shared with anyone else, anywhere, for any reason.  Never.

(2.)  I Will Never Flood Your Inbox

I will only use your email to send you the free video you initially requested, send a quick personal follow-up a few days later to get your thoughts/questions on the video, and very occasionally drop you a message relevant to this graphic-design-for-entertainers stuff (those messages will be few and far-between).  And, of course, I’ll email you back if you email me first; that’s just common courtesy.  But you will NEVER be put into an automated email list that sends you crap all the time; any email you receive from me, you can be sure I typed up just moments before it arrived in your inbox.  Refreshing, eh?

(3.)  I Will Never Pressure You To Buy Anything

Yes, I will politely offer the opportunity to work together on a paid custom design project for your show, if you want to, but it’s totally your call and I will never pressure you.

If you use my ideas but never ask me to actually design a project with you, I’m totally fine with that.


Because I have neither the time nor financial need to take on a whole bunch of new design clients.  I stay pretty busy with, and pay my bills with, doing my own live performances.  Plus I have a family.  This design thing is just an enjoyable side-project, and one or two design projects at any given time is about all my schedule can handle right now.

And THAT is why you will NEVER receive a “high-pressure” email from me; Because I don’t feel like it, dammit.

(4.)  I Will Piss Off If You Tell Me To

Even though my emails to you will be few and far-between, if for any reason you don’t want to hear from me, or are no longer interested in this stuff, simply send me a reply email telling me so, and I’ll shut up.

I’m an easy guy to work with like that.

* * * * *

This all sound reasonable and fair?  Cool.